What would you do with an extra 2 hours everyday?

When I started the training to become a health and wellness coach, the first thing we did during the first class was introduce ourselves and say what we would do with 2 extra hours each day.  Some people’s answers were normal (sleep, read, workout, etc.), while others were more interesting (like the lady who wanted to save all of hers up until she had 3 months to go mountain climbing).  

So, why did the instructors ask us such a question?  Answering this question, if you are honest with yourself, reveals what you truly want more of in your life and what is important to you.  For me, the answer was I would split my time between exercising and taking a class. This reveals that I love learning new things (and I already have the student loans to prove it) and I want more time to take care of myself.

Looking at how you would spend an extra two hours each day is an easy way to look at your priorities and to begin to think about what you truly value and how you want to spend those precious 24 that you do have each day.

So how would you spend 2 extra hours per day?  Think about your answer. How can you spend more time doing what you really value?   Schedule a free strategy session today to see how you can align your actions with your values.