Who’s the Boss?

As an art teacher I always felt uncomfortable when students asked me how to draw things.  I also disliked showing students work examples. As soon as they saw an example, they quit thinking for themselves.  I would suddenly get 35 pictures that looked exactly alike, and that’s boring. But that’s not how the world is. They had stopped solving their own problems.  I wanted students to realize that there was more than one correct answer. For them, that required a mindset shift.


Shift Happens!

Health and wellness coaching requires that same mindset shift.  It can be difficult at first. We are accustomed to our health care professionals telling us what to do.  They are the experts. Health and wellness coaching puts you in charge of your well-being.  

I could tell you what I think you should do, but who am I?  I’m not an expert in your life. You are. Only you know what will work with your life and your circumstances.  Only you can know what you are willing to do.  


So Why Do You Need a Health Coach?

Knowing what you need do and how to do it, and actually doing it when life gets in the way are two different things.  As your health coach, I will take the time to listen to you. Then I will ask you thoughtful questions that help you connect your actions to your goals and values.  I then help you make realistic, workable strategies with small steps that lead you to reaching your larger life goals.

Health coaching works because it allows you to be the expert in your own life.  Listening and questioning leads you to your own conclusions and to reaching your goals.  You do have to adapt your mindset to the idea that you have the power in your own life.


What to Do Next

What are some of your goals?  Contact me for a free planning session to see if health and wellness coaching can help you examine your goals and reach those milestones so that you enjoy a more fulfilling life.